Slots Garden – a great choice for fans of slot machines!

Slots Garden – a great choice for fans of slot machines!

Slots Garden: game features

Slots Garden is not known to many gamblers, but real lovers will immediately understand what is at stake. The casino is famous for its slot machines, good graphics, but many players do not risk betting in this online casino, as it has a number of disadvantages.

slots garden

In addition, the resource has changed its legal location and is now based not in Costa Rica, as before, but in the Czech Republic. Many experts at online casinos believe that this is not a sign of reliability for a gambling establishment, and therefore do not trust it. We will talk about this and some other features of Slots Garden online resource in this article.

Online casino features

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Slots Garden is more famous for its disadvantages than advantages. These disadvantages include the following factors:

  • Delayed payments on winnings, which can be expected for several weeks, or even months;
  • Change of legal address which indicates insufficient liability of the institution to its players;
  • Slots Garden casino no deposit bonus codes provide a bonus, but rather small, which is a big disadvantage, especially at a time when almost every casino provides its players with great opportunities regarding the bonus component;
  • Although the site indicates that the resource is available in most countries, when it comes to the game, it turns out that for citizens of many countries the opportunity to play is not available;
  • This resource provides the opportunity to play only slot machines, table games, as well as video poker, other types of gambling do not participate in the activities of the casino.

However, there is a big range of various slots on this site, both in slot machines and in video poker. Slots Garden online casino offers several types of gaming slots, such as:

  • Three-drum classic slots;
  • Five-reel slots for fans of variety;
  • Special six-reel slots that provide unique bonuses to six reel slots.

Board games include a variety of varieties, including popular games such as baccarat and Texas Hold’em.

Thus, all pro and contra need to be considered before you start playing the slots on this site. You should also be aware that the casino is on the “black lists” of many services offered by online casinos to users.

Mobile version

In Slots Garden casino there are bonus codes offered, a mobile version of the online casino is available, which is in no way inferior in capabilities to the usual versions. You just need to go to the resource’s website or go to the play market and download an application that will help you play.

At the same time, in order to play for money in 2019, you must enter login and register. The mobile version is suitable for both Android devices, and for iPhone and many other devices. It can be used both at home and in transport or in your free time at work.


In general, our review shows that Slots Garden is not the most reliable casino, and studying the opinions of players shows that you need to be very careful about playing in this online casino.

It is possible that over time some improvements will be introduced in the future casino operation, but as for now the withdrawal of money won, as well as the inability to play for players from many countries of the world, make this casino a very poor choice for gamblers.

Garden Slot overview: special features

The game features the so-called “wild” symbol, that is, one that can turn into any of the symbols that are currently missing to win. To make the gameplay even more exciting, there are also “scatter” symbols, which can at any time appear in one of the reels (even in the winning line) and help the player win.

Those who are already tired of hitting the Play button will probably like the auto-play option, which allows you to start the game once and just wait for your winnings. What’s also interesting, you can get several free spins in the game, which will greatly increase your chances of winning, including winning real money.

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